Projects Link to heading

Here is the list of open source project I’ve developed through the years…

svbyte Link to heading

Properly vectorized Rust implementation of Stream VByte compression algorithm.

Groovysh Server Link to heading

Groovy shell embedded in an application and exposed via secure SSH channel. Helps to monitor and diagnose JVM applications using interactive REPL shell.

Docker TestNG Integration Link to heading

Helps to write and run integration tests using the TestNG test framework. All configurations of the containers are provided on the annotations in the test code.

ttr Link to heading

Interactive task runner for Unix shell I’m using on an everyday basis.

Crab Link to heading

Parser writing toolkit for crawling and parsing sites on the Internet. The main idea was to decouple crawling logic from the parsing logic and provide a user with a way of interactively writing a parser based on the offline mirror of the parsed site.

Books Highlight Export Link to heading

Utility for exporting Apple Books highlights I’m using for my PKM.

est Link to heading

Unix shell utility to estimate the number of unique elements and heavy hitters in the stream. Very fast and using probabilistic algorithms for estimates.

LogWatcher Link to heading

Log management system developed in-house when the Sentry still doesn’t exist. Deduplicate error messages providing a high-level overview of the monitored system.