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Hello πŸ‘‹

My name is Denis Bazhenov. I’ve worked with a wide variety of technologies for commercial applications as well as personal projects over the last 18 years as a professional Software Developer. It’s hard to list all, but here are some of them which I know quite well:

  • Information Retrieval Applications and Apache Lucene in particular. I designed and helped to build one of the largest e-commerce search systems in Russia;
  • Rust language;
  • Java language and JVM in general;
  • Linux as an application platform;
  • Mechanical Sympathy, application performance analysis and diagnostics – making software faster on modern hardware. Those are my favorite. Each one is like a detective story for me πŸ˜€;

Last 5 years I’ve been playing the role of a technical leader in a development team helping adopt and use the right technologies for the job.

In my spare time I like kitesurfing πŸͺ‚, both skiing ⛷️ and snowboarding πŸ‚ and reading books πŸ“š.

You can contact me by email, telegram or linkedin